MUST READ: Designer Emmy Collins Speaks On Lola Omotayo Okoye’s Cleavage…

Designer Emmy Collins who is fast becoming a critic regularly goes on his blog to analyse the happenings, style and fashion in the lives of celebrities. This time, he chose to write on Lola Okoye’s traditional wedding make-up and why baring her cleavage is wrong.
Read his write up below…

I love Lola`s make up absolutely and must give accolades to Banke Meshida-Lawal .I don`t know about you guys but I believe this is quality.I don`t see rainbow colour all over her face. This is all the make-up you need on your face at any particular time ladies.Anything more will be over-doing it.

However, I must say that Lola exposed too much cleavage in this image. I can`t imagine too many guys not ogling those twins so ladies it is extremely tacky to expose too much cleavage/boobs at anytime  not to talk of your wedding day.Ladies,this cleavage thing going on right here is a no no especially on your special day as you don`t want more people talking about your cleavage/twins than are talking about your wedding.Me I know talk say make una go hide inside burqa o unless your tradition demands and you agree with it.This cleavage exposure here is so Cosy Orjiakor-ish.

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