OXFORD STUDY : Women With Big Butts Are Smarter…

According to one Oxford University study, which has recently appeared in the news, women with bigger butts are more intelligent. The study linked big butts in females to intelligence due to the omega-3 fats that are connected to brain development.
The study also said big butts are connected to lower risks for heart problems and diabetes.

Dr. Hal Brodsky of Gainesville Family Physicians said he is unfamiliar with the study, but there has been evidence for a decade in the field of diabetes research that fat in the butt and thighs isn’t necessarily unhealthy.
According to him, fat in the butt and thighs generates healthy cholesterol. He also notes that people, who have small waists and larger butts and thighs, can still be healthy even if their body mass index is higher than average.

Still,“I don’t think Kim Kardashian is getting any smarter with time,” he said.

– The Herald

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