Khloe Kardashian Dyes Her Hair To Look Like her sister Kim Kardashian…

The Kardashians — one at a time — are getting rid of their signature brunette locks in exchange for a dirty blonde look.
First it was style icon Kim Kardashian and now Kim’s younger sister, Khloe, is following in her footsteps.
But Lamar Odom’s estranged wife not only dyed her hair, she added a wave to it — when she arrived in Amsterdam for the launch of a clothing line the Kardashian sisters designed for the brand Lipsy.
The fashion maven was all smiles as she waved at fans, looking beautiful in a black mini-dress, long cardigan and stilettos.
“Having a meet and greet for a clothing line, it’s so surreal,” she told E! News. “We always wanted a clothing line we just never knew it was going to be to this degree…I’m nervous.”
“I always get nervous no one’s going to come, that’s always my biggest thing. But people always end up coming so thank the lord.”

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