Black and white – Michael Jackson sung about it. Monochrome is a timeless trend for this season. Monochrome is a colour palette you can’t go wrong with! So easy to accessorise, flattering for every hair colour and body type.

Mono has been trending hard lately and we have seen it featured on anything from striped cardis to colour block dresses and skirts. The great thing about monochrome is you can re use your pieces, a black skirt or leggings and Converse never goes out of style.

Gone where those days when black and white were meant for lawyers only,right now its trending seriously even though its kinda laid back already,it still never gets old.

The monochrome trend isn’t meant for the ladies alone even the guys could rock this trend without having committed a fashion crime..yes!!!,the guys should rock it 2oo.

Gone are those days when you had to rock too match to be trendy(e.g red shirt,red shoes,red hat e.t.c)..

Now all you law students who thinks its so sick and laid back to be rocking black and white 5days a week can now see that its actually a cool trend..

For those of you who thinks the monochrome trend is too dull been the type of person who loves bright coloured stuffs,you can add bright accessories like a neon hand bag,an aqua neck piece,a red shoe e.t.c to your look..

Black Diamondz


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